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Palsani Green Power

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of DEF Aqueous Urea Solution/ Diesel Exhaust Fluid for SCR diesel vehicles to meet BS IV emission norms in India.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
Global supplier of DEF and AUS40
Pioneers of DEF manufacturing in South India, Palsani Green Power LLP has come a long way since its inception in 2017. With a highly integrated netwrok of trained distributors, we ensure that the product quality is mantained as per ISO22241.

Since the Ban on Bharat Stage 3 vehicles by the honer able Supreme Court of India, there has been a steep rise in the demand for DEF/Aqueous Urea solution 32/Diesel Exhaust fluid. Palsani Green Power is a company that is inclined towards reducing the environmental impact of growth and strongly believes that DEF, which we manufacture and supply from Krishnagiri Tamil Nadu has the potential to do so. It not only reduces the emission of NOx from diesel engines, but also provides a better fuel economy. This being said, we understand that DEF increases the cost of transport and reduces margins, however, if you're vehicles is fitted with the SCR technology and you chose not to use DEF, the pick up, the life and the fuel economy of you're vehicle will be adversely affected.

A Message from CEO
"In the past year, we have witnessed a realignment of the relationship between business and sustainability. As global concerns for the environment deepen, the motoring industry in India is successfully taking measures to ensure that vehicular emissions are cleaner and less polluting than before. As a leading DEF manufacturer in India, we aim to facilitate cleaner emission and sustainable growth"

Dhairya Palsani
CEO, Palsani Green Power LLP

Our Vision
  • Encourage Green Growth
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • To improve quality of life
Our Mission
  • Facilitate the launch of BS6 by ensuring that the supply of AUS32 can satisfy the demand
  • Concentrate on developing and utilizing solar energy to facilitate the shift to E-Mobility by 2030
  • Reuse recycle and reduce the use of water
Retailers and Distributors

Palsani Green Power has established a network of distributors and is constantly looking out for more and more, to pump DEF in India. We are in quest for new distributors and dealers who are involved in supply of fuel and lubricants.

The DEF industry not only provides profitability but also helps us play our part in reducing the pollution caused as a result of economic growth. Since the ban on BS-3 compliant vehicles, the DEF industry shows huge potential and we would love it if you were a part of it today.

If you decide to become a PGP dealer, we will tell you all you need to know about DEF and its handling. We will provide you with training and the latest DEF information to make sure that you can service you're customers.

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Our Clients
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